the+frank+agency+logo+webYesterday was the 11th anniversary of the Frank Agency…that’s pretty hard to believe, except that I feel the weight of that decade deeply in my body both in terms of some of the greatest most bountiful & beautiful experiences and honors of my life, and the long-term impact of the immense stress, constant concern for people and their creative babies and serious lack of sleep…as of November I only have one client – her name is Beth Fleenor – and that has been one of the most excruciating decisions and implementations I’ve ever faced. And I’m not taking on any other clients or arts admin work for at least a year….so 2016, Frank is for the first time really taking care of Beth….it’s really weird. It’s really hard. All kinds of identity wrapped up in there. And several times a week I want to offer to help someone else on their stuff instead of working on my own – there’s all the wonderful people and their immense brilliance that I deeply want to support, but I also have a clear addiction to belittling my own creative self, and constantly elevating the ideas of others as having more value and place (and thus requiring more time and attention) than my own. It’s easier to care for others than it is to genuinely care for yourself. It’s incredibly hard and vulnerable to elevate yourself and your ideas. And just because you understand the process doesn’t mean you don’t have to go through the process. I have to constantly remind myself that believing that everyone has something to offer with their creative voice, means also taking the real time and space to honor my own. So we’re working on it, every single day. For the last two years I’ve made my living as a player and done Frank on the side. Last year that gap widened even more. This year for Frank’s birthday I got off a red eye flight and went straight into a rehearsal in new york for two weeks of shows that kick off what looks to be an absolutely incredible year. An emphasis on creativity gives rise to creative solutions to social problems. I created the Frank Agency in the wake of my divorce 11 years ago as a way to take care of myself and others….a ship to hold our hearts and dreams and let them rise, supported and glorious as they are, in all they are, ever changing….So thanks Frank, thanks for being there for me for the last decade, and thanks for helping me to step further into myself – over and over again. Art is the discipline of being. #livehuman #fullhuman


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