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I had a blast making memories and music with powerhouses LaFrae Sci, Tamar Kali, Brandee Younger and Alex Blake – and the 65 other strings, horns and vocalists on stage for APfest in Siberia – very different than my last time in the region and awesome to see LaFrae use the great language of conduction to unify all the musical possibilities and give each individual their own space to be themselves.

I think we opened some minds and hearts, and that’s the greatest gift I could ask for.

We are gathered together to get thru this thing called life, and have much to teach each other. Humans are humans no matter where you go – and what we all want is to connect and have a place.

These various hierarchies we perceive are bullshit constructs that someone made up and attached to our existence. They get perpetuated out of pain, fear and confusion. I hope to gain strength each day in cutting thru the grind to find and elevate those moments of connection and change. To join in the dance with grace and graciousness.

I am so honored to spend my life making music and bringing people closer together.

Special thanks to my community (YOU) for supporting me in this epic journey, and to the awesomeness that is Frank Boyd for spontaneously bringing me to intersect with such a kindred spirit in LaFrae in our work on the Holler Sessions in NYC last Jan. The greatness resonates outward in every direction….to Siberia and back and out amongst the stars.

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Rip open your heart and make some noise – I love you people!


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